Event Outsourcing vs. Using In-House Staff

Event Outsourcing

We've experienced this time and time again. Oftentimes corporations will use someone within the company - typically a marketing or HR person - to plan the biggest, most important functions of the year. From budget to seamless execution, here are all the ways an event management firm will do a better job than your in-house staff.


Event outsourcing will give you access to a number of professional networks. A marketing or HR staff has a full-time job to do and they would probably more successful in their work if left unencumbered by planning events. They are too busy to develop their professional event connections to caterers, venue directors and entertainment providers. By outsourcing your event planning, your event will have a level of professionalism and sophistication that a staff member simply isn’t able to provide.


Event Planners are efficient at communicating. Their job is to plan your party so they have the tools, the apps, the programs and the communication skills to get the job done in a proficient manner. They also have a team of seasoned staff that handles all the details, large and small. Professional event planners will run logistics and nowadays this can be quite technical. You don’t want an online auction closing when there isn’t enough wifi for people connect to in order to bid on items. Audio and visual is another element that requires a certain amount of experience and savvy. You want your event to look, sound and feel professional; event outsourcing means that an event planner will take care of all the details, so you don’t have to worry.

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Bottom Line

Event professionals have experience negotiating with vendors. Through connection and experience a good event planner can wheel and deal on your behalf. They can arrange industry discounts on food and beverages, venues and more. In many ways the result is saving you money. In essence, a good event planner can end up paying for themselves, much like an accountant or a trusted lawyer.

If an event is important to you and your company, it will save you time and money to outsource event planning and execution. Your staff will be more efficient because they are able to focus on their jobs and they will appreciate the concentrated workload. Your events will run smoothly and impress attendees with a level of style and refinement that you can only find through event outsourcing.

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