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33 Event Planner Tools You Didn't Know You Needed

April 7, 2014

Our Favorite Event Planner Tools


Whether you're a professional event designer for large corporations, or you've been assigned the task of planning the annual company party, everyone needs a little help every now and then. Luckily, we live in the day and age of the internet, and if you can dream it, there's likely an app, tool, or software program to help you achieve it. Everything from drink mixes, music, project management and making your event more green can be done with the help of an online tool.


Googling for the right apps can take time, so we're giving you a list of our favorite event planner tools. There are many free event planner tools, but sometimes you get a more refined app or tool when you pay a small fee.


1. Pro Party Planner

The Skinny: Seating charts, collaboration, delegation, guest management and more, all in one place. 
Website: www.propartyplanner.com 
Price: $4.99 for the app 
2. Hello Vino

The Skinny: Recommendations for the best wine to pair with which food, seasonal and holiday wine recommendations, and suggestions based on your personal taste.
Website: www.hellovino.com
Price: Free
3. Attendify

The Skinny: One part social engagement at events (attendees have one place to connect with eachother and you), one part event guide (a hub for schedules, speakers, sponsors, news, etc).  
Website: www.attendify.com
Price: Starting at $399
4. Boomset

The Skinny: Makes attendee check-in easy with printable badges you design, attendee tracking and lead retreaval. 
Website: www.boomset.com
Price: Free 
5. Spotify

The Skinny: Forget buying CDs and downloading music to your iPod. Ceate preset playlists and download them so your music will flow in case of a network outage. There's also a radio feature based on songs you like. 
Website: www.spotify.com
Price: $9.99 / month
6. Asana

The Skinny: Work with a team? Most event planners do. It's nice to have a place for everyone to collaborate - from the proposal stages to post-event measurement. Asana is a simple project management tool that boils everything down to a task or conversation.
Website: www.asana.com
Price: Free
7. Bizzabo

The Skinny: Publish information about your event, agendas and speaker bios, and then promote and measure it with their tools.
Website: www.bizzabo.com
Price: Free to $1,299 
8. Hubb

The Skinny: A tool to manage an entire meeting, from floor plans to connections, schedules and social media. 
Website: www.hubb.me
Price: $5 to $10 per person based on number of attendees
9. Drinks Mixer

The Skinny: Search cocktails, shots, punches and more by ingredient or event, also featuring drinking game ideas, bartender guides, and a glossary.
Website: www.drinksmixer.com
Price: Free
10. CoatChex


The Skinny: Ditch the coat check tickets and go digital with this app. Not only does it streamline your coat check system, it gives you attendee data like length of stay.
Website: www.coatchex.com
Price: Unpublished
11. 123 Contact Form

The Skinny: Create HTML contact forms that integrate nicely with third party apps like Salesforce and MailChimp, and also accept common forms of e-payment.
Website: www.123contactform.com
Price: Free to $29.95 / month
12. Memory Meld

The Skinny: We particularly like this app, which allows guests photos to be shared to a private event page, where planners and other guests can view or download them.
Website: www.memorymeld.com
Price: Free app
13. eTouches

The Skinny: Event management platform with 15 different modules including registration, surveys, seating, budget and project management and more. 
Website: www.etouches.com
Price: Unpublished; free trial available
14. Eventstagram

The Skinny: Keep crowds entertained with beautiful Instagram slideshows at your event, powered by a hashtag.
Website: www.eventstagr.am
Price: Free to $2,000
15. Valet.io 

The Skinny: Nonprofits, schools and political campaigns use Valet.io to raise funds seamlessly at events. Users can use their own devices or devices you provide to donate without fuss.
Website: www.valet.io
Pricing: Unpublished 
16. Topi

The Skinny: Provides an advanced attendee search so users can filter out the most relevant people they want to meet at your event. Allows for social integration and private chats.
Website: www.topi.com
Price: Unpublished
17. Bonfyre

The Skinny: A virtual "bonfire" for attendees to chat, share photos and for you to analyze the data.
Website: www.bonfyre.com
Price: Free
18. Span Plan

The Skinny: Manage vendors, create questionaires, manage invoicing and do just about anything that an event planner would do, all in one app.
Website: www.spanplan.com
Price: $24 to $144 / month
19. Smart Crowdz

The Skinny: Market your event with invitations and social media, manage your event with schedules, maps and tasks, and montezie your event with advertising and commerce.
Website: www.smartcrowdz.com
Price: Free
20. Launch.it

The Skinny: Create a news guide for show attendees on the Launch.it platform, a social environment that directly engages them with your website.
Website: www.launch.it
Price: Free
21. Grooblin

The Skinny: Display tweets, photos, videos, Instagrams and other social content related to your event.
Website: www.grooblin.com
Price: Unpublished
22. Yapp

The Skinny: Create a mobile app for your wedding, conference or event in minutes, with beautiful theme templates, flexible features, and the ability to make the app public or private. 
Website: www.yapp.com
Price: Free
23. Select The Date

The Skinny: Helps users agree on the best date for their meeting or event.
Website: www.selectthedate.com
Price: Free
24. Nice Meeting

The Skinny: Engage users by turning their mobile devices into an interactive event platform, allowing them to interact with presentations, attendees, and presenters.
Website: www.nicemeeting.com
Price: Unpublished
25. Punch Bowl

The Skinny: Plan a party, connect with vendors and suppliers, send digital invitations and manage RSVPs.
Website: www.punchbowl.com
Price: Free
26. Time Bridge

The Skinny: Integrates with calendars to find a meeting time everyone can make by sending a single email. 
Website: www.timebridge.com
Price: Free
27. Event Joy

The Skinny: Event websites, mobile apps, online ticketing and Twitter feed walls.
Website: www.eventjoy.com
Price: Free except for ticketing
28. Top Table Planner

The Skinny: Lay out your tables and drag and drop guests to find the perfect seating arrangements. 
Website: www.toptableplanner.com
Price: $20
29. Cvent

The Skinny: A full fledged event planning software application that allows you to manage everything from registration, budget, payment, check-ins and event reporting.
Website: www.cvent.com
Price: $3 to $7 per registrant, plus setup fees.
30. Pathable

The Skinny: Integrate web and mobile into your event experience with attendee networking, agendas, polls, surveys and more.
Website: www.pathable.com
Price: Starting at $4,250 per event
31. Poll Everywhere

The Skinny: Engage audiences in real time using text, Twitter or other methods. Uses: everything from song requests to engaging polls.
Website: www.polleverywhere.com
Price: Free to $375 per month 
32. Zerista

The Skinny: Makes intelligent matches between everyone at your events, ensuring attendees make the right connections and sponsors get good leads.
Website: www.zerista.com
Price: Unpublished
33. Event Espresso

The Skinny: Manage attendee ticketing and registration with this simple WordPress plugin.
Website: www.eventespresso.com
Pricing: $90 to $500 per year



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