Fundraising Event Planner

SED's Essential Steps in Planning a Fundraiser:

  • Conceptualization of Event

  • Planning & Development Sessions

  • Budgeting Talks

  • Timeline 

  • Registration

  • Event Execution

  • Evaluation & ROI Calculation

Our comprehensive fundraising services are effective and always lead you to a positive Return on Investment (ROI). Whether you are a non-profit organization or a for-profit with a cause, fundraising events can be massively successful. But, the audience you tap into has likely seen it all when it comes to fundraisers, so it does pay to think "outside the box" to get your potential donors active and willing to open up their pocketbooks. All of this can also be accomplished virtually or in a hybrid setting.

Want to plan a fundraising event with Strategic Event Design? Find out how to maximize your fundraising revenues by contacting us at (212) 877-4744 or

Strategic Event Design has a proven track record with planning and running successful fundraisers. Why hire an outside fundraising event planner? First and foremost, so that you can spend time at the event building relationships. Donations are much more likely to happen when there is a personal relationship, so be sure to work up your interpersonal skills prior to the event.

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