Free Whitepaper: Company Holiday Parties 101

Learn how to plan a company holiday party without becoming a "Scrooge"

Annual company holiday parties are a time for employees to kick back and for employers to show appreciation. But who takes on the task of planning the event?

Those tasked with putting on their corporate holiday party are often doing so in addition to regular job functions. By following some guidelines and planning in advance, a seamless, relaxing event can be executed and bring cheer to everyone... even the planner.

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It's never too early to start planning holiday parties. Download this new guide today, hot off the press!

  • Tips on timing & budgeting

  • How to find a venue

  • Maximizing food budget

  • Things to consider when serving alcohol

  • Choosing a politically correct theme

  • Tasteful decor & music

  • Ideas for games & gifts

  • Why you should consider a charitable function

Company Holiday Parties

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