Brand Activation

Activate Your Brand with a One-of-a-Kind Marketing Event.

Whether you are re-branding yourself, creating a new branch of an existing brand, or are a complete startup, a brand activation event can give your marketing efforts a running start. 

At Strategic Event Design, we create brand activations that are modern, calculated and targeted. Using a mix of live excitement and digital media, we make sure your audience is having an experience with your brand, not just sitting on the sidelines. Marketing activations are all about taking your brand, jumpstarting it with a big event, and then continuing the momentum after the event has ended. 

  • Connect with your Audience

  • Add Value to their Day

  • Touch Multiple Senses

  • Make it Memorable

  • Continue the Conversation

Strategic Event Design has been designing brand events for over 10 years. Our team handles live and digital event production anywhere in the world. Combining expert event designers, meeting planners, technical producers and logistical staff, we deliver incredible events that are on time and on budget... with nothing left to chance.

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