January 27, 2018

You know the saying “An office that plays together, stays together.” Well, here to keep the fun rolling in your workplace are 12 carefully selected office party themes for every month of the year.

Allowing staff to have fun together can promote teamwork and serve as a b...

January 9, 2018

A live experience can be a dynamic component of a sales activation plan. While your plan should include a marketing mix of high impact ideas, one such idea is a live experience. Engaging with a targeted group in a real-life, live experience, can aid your sales activati...

January 1, 2018

New Event Technology trends for 2018 would show that the sky is virtually the limit. If you can imagine it happening, it probably already is. These changes are not only assisting event planners with their jobs, new event technology is providing the attendee with better...

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